1Holistic Growth in a Post COVID World.16.1.2021IX-XIIMs. Debrani Banerjee, Sr. Manager, Learning and Development , Univariety.
2How to think like an Economist.21.1.2021XI-XIIDr. Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor of Krea University.
3How to spend Summers Effectively.13.2.2021IX-XIIPrateek Chakrabarty, AVP Univariety.
4Importance of Profile Building In Nurturing Future Career.13.2.2021XI-XIIProf. Nidhi Kalra, English Literature from University of Delhi, New Delhi.
5Embellishing your Personality.27.2.2021XI-XIINishant Chaturvedi, Ass. Professor Dip TD, The School of Management, IMS Unison University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
6Fast Track your Career at a World-Leading University.5.3.2021XI-XIINilanjana Shihn, Senior Recruitment Adviser.
7Emerging Technologies And Opportunities.19.3.2021XIIMr. Yogwant Mehta, Ass. Professor, Saga University, Indore.
8Importance of Hands on Learning in your Undergrad Degree.19.3.2021XIIChris Hendree, Associate Director, Grand Valley State University.
9Explore the world of Culinary Arts.19.3.2021XIIAlain Muller, Assistant Dean Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.
10How to spend The Summer of 2021 Effectively- Be Productive And Have Fun.18.3.2021IX-XI By Univariety.
11Introduction to Study in Canada at Carleton University.13.4.2021XIIMr. Rob Finlayon, Manager, Partnerships and Pathways, Carleton University.
12Krea University, Open House discussion on Liberal Arts and Sciences.16.4.2021.XIIMr. Gaurav Prashant, Senior Manager-Admission, Mr. Vikram Patel and Ms. Meenu Arora- Assistant Director.
13Univariety Universities Round Table event.27.5.2021.XIIMr. Kirthi Srivastav, VC University Relations
14Proparenting : The X Factor in a student's college admission journey.5.6.2021.XI-XIIMs. Muskaan Bhatia, Manager Guidance Counselling.
15Grade IX Univariety Orientation + Profile building.8.7.2021.IXMr. Prasad Reddy
15Connect with leading Universities in US and Canada.8.7.2021.XI-XIIAVP Univariety.
16Connect with Universities across the globe to discover the best in STEM Programs.5.8.2021.XI-XIIUnimeet by Univariety.
17Liberal Arts Education.13.8.2021.X-XIIMs. Muskaan Bhatia, Manager Guidance Counselling.
18The steps approach to your dream career- Saga University, Bhopal.26.8.2021.XIIDr. Ashish Dutt
19Bachelors in Switzerland- An access to exciting business careers.26.8.2021.XIIMr. Tarek Kouatlyand Ms. Vaishali Singh
20Expert Advice on defining Your Career Path- VIT.2.9.2021.XIIDr. Kalaichelvan, Dr. Anu Baisel, Dr. J Karthikeyan.
21Unimeet- Worldwide UniversityConnect One Event-  Many Choices.9.9.2021.XI-XIIby Univariety.
22Grade X and XII  Univariety Orientation + Profile building.16.9.2021.X, XIIMr. Prasad Reddy
23Design as a Future Career.30.9.2021.XI, XIIMs. Ambika Magotra
24Explore Hands on learning Exp at one of the top colleges in USA30.9.2021XI,XIIMr. Chris Hendree
25Unimeet by Univariety.7.10.2021.XI,XIIby Univariety.
26Design as a Future Career.28.10.2021XI,XIIMr. Anjan Chakravotry
27Explore Hands on learning Exp at one of the top colleges in USA28.10.2021.XI,XIIMr. Chris Hendree
28Importance of Psychometric Test and Career Counselling.23.11.2021IX- XIIby Univariety.
29Science students- The Need for Career Guidance.14.12.2021XI-XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
30Unimeet by Univariety.16.12.2021IX-XIIby Univariety
31Evolving Careers in Business Management and Humanities.21.12.2021XI,XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
eData Scientists.28.12.2021X-XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
33Study Business in Canada's Capital-Ottawa,Carleton University.12.1.2022XI,XIIMr. Rob Finlayson and Howard Nemiroff
34Explore Austraila with an International Education-Great Lakes and Deakin University8.1.2022XI,XIIShirley Xie, Soumya Gupta, Arjun Nair.
35Is Engineering all about IIT's?11.1.2022X- XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
36Right Entrance Exam for your Country and Course.18.1.2022X-XIIMs. Alpi Jain
37Entrance Exam dates shared by Univariety.19.1.2022XIIby Univariety
38Unimeet by Univariety.20.1.2022IX-XIIby Univariety
39How technology is transforming the way we learn Work Impact.22.1.2022XIIby Plaska University
40Science students dont need Career Guidance?25.1.2022X-XIIMr. Rama Krishna
41Marketing yourself LOR through SOP LOR Essays.1.2.2022XI,XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
42International University Admission Fair 202212.2.2022XI, XIIby upGrade Aborad
43Hidden Treasure Scholarships.15.2.2022XI, XIIMr. Chetan Jariwala
44Transforming the Future with VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology)- Career after 12th17.2.2022XI, XIIDr. Sivasankaran K
45New Career- Data Scientist.22.2.2022XI, XIIMr. Rama Krishna