Early childhood care and education (ECCE) is the bedrock for a sound education programme. Early years in life (birth – 8 years) are highly critical as these are the years of highest brain development. During three – eight years, human life witnesses ‘sensitive periods’ for social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development; making early childhood education the anchor for not just successful school years but also for a successful society comprising of healthy and sound citizens. 

Our early childhood education programme is well aligned to the education  and pedagogical structure proposed by NEP 2020. Our foundational school years (Pre-nursery to class II ) are seamlessly connected with the thread of play based pedagogy, activity based learning, discovery oriented engagements, multilingual environment and  an emotionally supportive ambience.

LEARNING BY DOING’ is our pedagogy for the early years.  This methodology incorporates a PLAY& ACTIVITY-BASED APPROACH for the teaching-learning process. This pedagogy is well attuned the ‘CombinedPreschoolCurriculum’ developed by NCERT and incorporated in NEP2020 too.

‘Learning by doing’ is materialized through various discovery oriented engagements/activities; designed to strengthen concept clarity these engagements aim to make ‘FOUNDATINAL LITERACY & NUMERACY’ stronger.

Skill enhancement is another objective we cater to by our teaching approach. This also is on the same tangent as the NEP which emphasizes the development of PHYSICAL & MOTOR, SOCIO- EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE& COMMUNICATION SKILLS’ in early years.



With a completely new stage set for leaning virtually, we have fine-tuned our teaching methodology to scaffold learners further. Along with the experiential learning approach, audio- video tutorials are being shared with parents on daily basis to

  • serve as recapitulation sessions for young learners
  • serve as teaching resources for working parents
  • provide ‘good’ screen time