Olympiad exams provide an absolute assessment of students' knowledge and motivate them towards academic improvement. The participating students are judged based on their scientific-reasoning and logical-ability. The general objective of these Olympiads is to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists and IT talent at the school level. The following are the benefits offered by Olympiads.

  • Boost students’ reasoning abilities.
  • Help students assess their capabilities, potential and analytical skills.
  • Help students understand their weaknesses.
  • Challenge students’ intellect and promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts.


The main motto of every school is to make the students disciplined and confident and for this school inculcate many co-curricular activities beside the academics. One of the most important co-curricular activity is NCC (National Cadet Corps). It is the secondary line of defence. NCC is divided into three wings Army, Navy and Airforce. DPS, Jalandhar is associated with 8 Pb Bn NCC Phagwara, which is Army wing of NCC. DPS, Jalandhar started NCC about 7 years ago. At present we have 50 vacancies of JD and JW out of which we have 13 rank holder and the ranks are SGT-, CPL-4, TR-2, and L/CPL-5. Our cadets actively participates in CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp) which is organized by the Jalandhar group every year.
Cadets of DPS Jalandhar participates in various camps e.g. maintaineering, trekking, ATC and CATC. The main aim of our school is to participate in TSC (Thai Sainik Camp) and RDC (Republic Day Camp).

Sports - Healthy mind resides in healthy body

Sports are the integral part of education. If a child is physically fit he or she can easily excel in academics. DPS Jalandhar is well known for its extra and co-curricular activities, which is very important for overall and wholesome development of a child.
The main aim of DPS Jalandhar is to identify the talent of a child and make him professional in that field. The students of DPS Jalandhar participates in various National sports and brings laurels to the school. Some of the games in which DPS Jalandhar particpates regularly are Inter DPS, CBSE Natinals, Cluster, Sahodaya SGFI and many more open tournaments.
DPS Jalandhar has remarkable infrastructure for various indoor and outdoor sports activities for eg. Cricket Ground, Basket Ball Court, Lawn Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Mini Golf Course, Table Tennis, Skating, Chess, badminton and provides professional coaching for the same.

Visual Art

“The emotions are sometime so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech”- Vincent Van Gogh
The visual arts are art forms that create works that are primarly visual in nature. It helps to let out human emotions, skills, creativity and develope overall personality.
The main motto is to inculcate artistic expression, functional and ceremonial approach.
DPS Jalandhar focuses on ART integrated learning which is based on learning through arts and with the arts. Various art and craft activities are planned for each subject which makes each and every subject interesting for the child.


The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth is a voluntary youth movement which promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting the rich culture of Classical dance, Folk music, Yoga, Meditation and Crafts.
It was established by Dr.Kiran Seth in 1977 at IIT Delhi. DPS Jalandhar took the initiative by collaborating with SPICMACAY so that every Dipsite experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in world heritage. We have been the part of Anubhav series in 2020 and 2021. Various orientation programmes areorganised time to time to motivate and enlighten the students with upcoming activities.
We have created a heritage club in which students from various fields like music, dance, art, oratory representatives take a lead to organise the events of SPICMACAY.We have hosted various events like-

  • Live concert of flute artist- Pandit Rajendraprasanna ji in collaboration with DAV panchkula and DPS eldeco Lucknow.
  • Craft/talk/Folk series
    • Japanishyam-A Tribal Gond artist
    • Bhai Manohar Singh- Gurbanikirtan

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" - Martha Graham

Dance is a form of performing arts that refers to the art of moving the body rhythmically and usually in accordance to music. It is used as a form of social interaction and expression, commonly presented in a performance or spiritual setting.
Through dance students learn determination, precision, teamwork, self confidence and enhance their talent. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, students at DPS, Jalandhar learnt various dance forms like Indian Classical, Semi Classical, Bollywood, Folk, Contemporatory, Western. Students of DPS, Jalandhar time to time participates in various competitions at National Level and bring laurels to the school.

MUN club sessions

Delhi Public School Jalandhar takes pride in formally introducing MUN club sessions to help introduce students to the world of open discussions and debate. This initiative stems from to provide an expanse of knowledge of the world as students take to you represent a country at a ‘global’ level and interact with other delegates representing other countries. Furthermore, it builds confidence, refines analytical research and language skills. It is a platform wherein temperament and leadership skills are put to test. We believe in providing an all inclusive learning sessions for students to think and grow.

Commerce Club

Commerce is not just a subject; it is dynamic field which is inter-connected to other fields.
Nowadays students have a keen interest in blockchain, cryptocurrency, personal finance, and management skills, but do not have the appropriate handholding. Involving students in the Commerce club, is an endeavor to give the required exposure to our students and to prepare them to meet the practical challenges, to build self confidence and develop in them a proactive approach.
Commerce club provides an active platform to the students and helps them in unveiling the immense opportunities.