Training & Workshops

Education is a learning cycle without an end. It does not stop after graduation or starting a career. At DPS Jalandhar , teachers' professional development is given utmost importance.. Various workshops , trainings and webinars are conducted for the professional development of teachers regularly.

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Awards & Honours

DPS Jalandhar featured in the coveted list of Fortune 50 Schools of India shaping the success is evidence of the fact that hard work, works. We have been declared the ‘Best School’ in the state for ‘Academic Results’ and ‘Extra Curricular Activities’ in the ‘National Education Conference and Awards- 2018’ by ‘Mind Mingle’.

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We at Delhi Public School, Jalandhar believe in sharing our milestones, celeberations, journey asA close-knit community. We believe in communicating and staying connected. Connections; our monthly e-magazine is an array of photographs, anecdotes and achievements. It shares our vision and belief to venture beyond our known horizons.

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Reading School

It is an ennobling experience to read and we have always provided a dynamic learning environment to our budding readers. To further our endeavours, we have decided to create a space for human books. This initiative is to provide the opportunity to our students where in they relish unique stories and have wonderful conversations.

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From The Principal's Desk

“To consider school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But, to consider the school as preparation for life is another.” – Maria Montessori  
Having bloomed under the aegis of DPS society , our school began its remarkable journey in 2002. Being one-of-a-kind school, it has always been the best choice amongst young learners. Known for a balanced approach towards academics and activities, the school has discovered its own path towards students’ holistic development. As a result, we have been declared the best school in academics and extracurricular activities in the region. We have also been Ranked No. 1 for 5 years by Education World India. Getting positioned in the coveted list of the Future 50 Schools Shaping Success was yet another proud moment for our school and we surely will continue to make unparalleled progress under the visionary leadership of our Pro-vice Chairman Thakur Arun Singh.

At DPS Jalandhar, we celebrate togetherness and work as a family. We have consciously nourished beautiful relations, gave wings to many dreams and celebrated life. Teachers and support staff all work hard to maintain a safe and happy school where children are encouraged to become enthusiastic and lifelong learners. The school strives to give children lots of opportunities in music, arts and sport as well as academics. Introduction of long reading and concept of pre-reading has been our vision and has helped our budding readers to explore the whole gamut of books. This has undoubtedly paved the way for an enriching academic experience of the child. Apart from this, we have a competent digital and sports infrastructure, assuring the best campus life to our students.

During the pandemic, when there was a shift from the conventional school setup to the online platform, we faced unprecedented challenges in every aspect. But we did not leave any stone unturned and successfully delivered our best to our children. The virtual classes in no way became a roadblock, rather enabled the students to explore different facets of their personalities. Beyond the academics, they zealously participated in competitions and various events. The school’s effort to create a strong virtual learning hub along with consistent handholding at each step eventually proved fruitful.

Now when things are gradually moving towards normalcy, my heart is filled with happiness to see the premises of the school hustling and bustling again with the vibrant students. It is indeed a delight to have this energy back in school and I’m sure my dear students must have also missed their school dearly. What we have witnessed during this testing phase, has surely made us introspect and has given us a valuable insight. As educators and parents, now it becomes incumbent on our part to foster core values and gratitude in our children so that they can be mindful of the myriad blessings of life. This will not happen, until and unless, we rise to the occasion.
Working hand in hand, I'm sure we will brave all uncertainties and will always be the best partners in our children's odyssey of learning. We will always strive to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and life-skills to all our students.

DPS Jalandhar owes its success to the dedicated teachers, hardworking students and supportive parents. May DPS Jalandhar continue experiencing endless years of glorious success and may our children keep celebrating this saga of excellence.

- Ms. Ritu Kaul

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