In order to practically showcase sustainable solutions to our students, DPS is working on a green building concept as our commitment to make our students Environment conscious citizens.

  1. Conserving water:  Depleting water table is a major cause of concern in Punjab. Keeping that in mind we are recharging water table        through Rainwater Harvesting Technology. The school swimming pool is equipped with state of art filtration system so as to                    conserve water and waste water is also used for watering sports fields. A state of art pop-up water sprinkler system is installed in            the campus for plants and trees to ensure minimum consumption of water for the purpose.
  2. Paperless administration: To reduce paper wastage we send e- information sheets, assignments, circulars and report cards to parents.
  3. Energy efficient school:
    1. The classrooms are well ventilated, have optimized daylight, are non AC and spacious.
    2. To demonstrate renewal of energy resources, the school has installed a 100KW solar power plant in the campus to educate                  children on conserving and saving electricity.
  4. Balancing ecosystem: The campus has got a wide variety of trees and plants and the students are encouraged to nurture them while      educating them about their importance in our life and ecosystem.
  5. Health sustainability: We encourage home cooked food to avoid tinned junk and processed food to reduce health hazards. We also          encourage students to bring reusable water bottles.
  6. Travel sustainability: We encourage teachers and students to  use school buses and carpool.
  7. We respect local needs of the surrounding village by involving people in the school community activities.
  8. Managing classroom waste: proper disposal of classroom  waste is done.
  9. Special care for students with special needs
    1. The school has ramps to facilitate the movement of students having different needs.
    2. We have special educator to assist students with special learning needs.
  10. Providing safe environment: The safety and security of students is ensured by CCTV cameras placed at every nook and corner of the         school.