At DPS, success means producing leaders with educated minds as well as educated hearts. Success to us means being able to set consistent records of academic, sports, co- curricular and community excellence.

  1.  Our benchmark for being successful is currently along five (easily) measurable dimensions, till Class X –
        1. Reduce the range of achievement of all students, in every section, to 10%, in all scholastic subjects
        2. Reduce the range of achievement of all students, in every class, to 25%, in all co-scholastic subjects
        3. Increase teacher’s ‘joy quotient’ to over 75% of teaching periods, measured immediately after teaching
        4. Increase parent’s ‘pride quotient’ to over 75% in the achievement of their children in the three ‘foundational languages’ –        English, Math, and Art/Music/Physical development
        5. Increase diversity in career choice post Class XII to over 20 in the next 5 years
  2. We are consistently working on innovating educational methodology to ensure that students imbibe learning through discovery,               exploration and observation and ensuring that ‘Every child should succeed’.
  3. We introduced six dimensional changes in our pedagogy to ensure the success of the teaching – learning process :-
      1. Reading and academic language competence
      2. Teacher led curriculum resizing
      3. High impact period wise lesson planning
      4. Learner centricity of reading
      5. Classroom audit and remedial
      6. Effective home assignments and  parent involvement.
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  5. Raising a generation which is not only planet conscious but also wise in using natural and man-made resources.
  6. Sensitizing our students to grow up into a generation that has a balanced mindset, is caring and respects differences and diversity.
  7. Ensuring that all students go back home with a smile.