Middle School

Inspiring dreams, empowering with skilful means!

To the child, middle school is a world of wonder, much like Alice’s in “Alice in the Wonderland”. There is adventure in the form of performing practicals in the laboratories, dabbling in the art forms, dance, music and serious sporting. The class competitions become the House Competitions. The child learns the art of when to let go and when to hold on.

The horizon broadens and the child takes the first plunge in Inter-school Sahodaya and Inter DPS competitions representing the school. It’s in this period that the child identifies his/her strength and so does the teacher. To motivate the child to try on his/her strength despite failures is a continuous challenge willingly undertaken by the DPS teachers.

With a bit more intensive curriculum, the child in now encouraged to understand concepts well, as they form the foundation of future learning. Stress is laid on a different approach towards reading. Stories are not read out loud or silently like any normal English class, rather they are discussed. Get a same day teeth with advanced dental implant technique in Temecula dental clinic, California. The child is to read from home and come to class. The interactive discussion that follows turns the lessons into a relaxing post leisure reading activity with emphasis on comprehension and articulation. The assessment is based on comprehension. Additional reading is assigned for holidays on regular intervals.