Ms. Ritu Kaul (Principal)

Today’s child is more protected and more pampered than ever before. At the same time, today’s child is brighter and smarter than the child of the past. Thanks to the resources made available by the parents, children have roamed around the world, virtually or physically. As a result he has enriched himself culturally, behaviorally, socially and emotionally. But a child is a child after all and depends on elders for guidance and support. The education system today allows for more scope of introducing electronic gadgets, by and large computer based devices into teaching. To name a few, scientific and graphical calculators, electronic encyclopedia, metric converters, etc. Centuries past and centuries to come, essentials of education have been constant and will stay unchallenged. And these are sound knowledge of language, flair for numbers and an inquisitive way of looking at things. Everything else that relates to education revolves around these three disciplines.

Apart from these pedagogical essentials, there are some ethical essentials which deal with the moral values of life. Please keep in mind that at the end of the day, character of a person is far more important than his or her academic and materialistic achievements. One should not be proud of ones materialistic gains as these are temporary just like bubbles. It is character that gives us recognition, which in turn is strengthened by qualities like courtesy, integrity and philanthropy. Have love for the entire humanity; accept the world and the world is all yours.