Fit India Plan

Fit India is indeed a big initiative which was pioneered on National Sports Day, August 29 after Swachh Bharat Campaign set by the Central Government in its second stint. It is certainly a movement to take the nation forward on the path of fitness and wellness.

As per the guidelines by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), DPS Jalandhar, (Punjab) observed fitness week during the fourth week of November as ‘Fit India School Week’.

The endeavour to bring about a behaviourial change in school children from spending “Passive Screen Time to “ Active Field Time” and the aim to develop sports quotient among all the students to achieve a healthy lifestyle was extremely successful.

The extensive six day programme was aimed to address both physical and mental fitness needs of children, enabling the sports instructors to assess the students flexibility, core strength and ability and also aiding in identifying students who have the prospect of taking up sport at the professional level.


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The Extensive Six Day Programme:
The Fitness Week in DPS began in full swing from 25th November’- 30th November 2019 wherein all the sports instructors of the school planned the activities strategically and the photographs of the same are attached with:

25th November 2019– For improvement in flexibility, strength and balance amongst the students, the asanas like Vrikshasana (Tree pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) Vajrasana and Tarasana were done during the morning assembly for 40 minutes which proved to be very rejuvenating and refreshing.

The diet chart made by the doctors of the school was adhered to, for complete six days in which healthy diet including fruits and nuts were recommended to make the body strong and healthy. Lectures by the Sports staff on “Diet And Nutrition” were conducted in which the students were acquainted with the Benefits of Healthy Diet: Weight loss, Heart health, Strong bones and teeth, Improved memory.

26th November 2019-In the morning assembly, free hand exercises were done for the duration of 30 minutes,sensitizing the students that these exercises, if done regularly can improve their muscle strength and boost their endurance as well.

Debate topics such as:

  • Athlete Should Take Supplements to Improve His Performance.
  • Athletes Caught Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs Should be Banned for Lifetime.
  • Coach Should Be A Good Sportsman.

The students of the classes 6th to 9th participated in the debate competition and put forth their points very confidently. The session turned out to be very gripping and intriguing.

The sports staff also made the budding sportsmen aware about ‘Why is doping morally wrong’? They should always adopt fair means while performing in their particular game.

27th November 2019-The process to conduct the technical evaluation and provide fitness report cards have begun in the school from classes 4 to 12. The tests are as follows:

  • Abdominal Strength( Partial curl-up)
  • Muscular Strength for upper body (Push-ups)
  • Hand-eye coordination (Plate tapping)
  • Balance Test (Flamingo)
  • Flexibility Test (Sit and Reach Test)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance ( 600 Meters race)
  • Speed Test (50 meters dash)

For classes 1 to 3, following tests were conducted:

  • Hand-eye coordination (Plate tapping)
  • Balance Test (Flamingo)

Another initiative that brought forth the creativity of the students was the Poster Making Activity on “Fit Body, Fit Mind, Fit Environment” by classes 8th and 9th.

28th November 2019– Physical Activities including dance, aerobics, martial arts, gardening, tug of war were a wonderful spectacle that exhibited the vigour, energy and excitement of the students of classes 9th to 12th.

Five Day Quiz Session open for classes 4th to 12th as per their age group was another attraction for the students in which five questions were put up on the notice board. The names of the students with three correct answers were proudly displayed which boosted the morals of the others to be the part of the quiz session.

29th November 2019-The other fitness initiative that fascinated the interest of the students were Fun Activities like Hopscotch, tug of war and kho-kho.

30th November 2019-The Fit India Movement was culminated with the dance, aerobics and yoga asanas. Tug of war was the main attraction of the day. Push-ups, squats and curl-ups were taken as physical challenges by the students to prove their solidity and toughness.

Overall the meticulous planning to encourage students to make these exercises their daily regime, proved to be extremely beneficial and fruitful.

I hope that this fitness campaign too matches up the scale of Swachh Bharat Mission and be a huge success.

Wishing everyone the very best.

Warm Regards

Ms. Ritu Kaul
Principal, DPS Jalandhar