Strong foundations last the longest, produce the best results!

Spread over a sprawling 10 acres, the school has ample space and infrastructure to do justice to the varied demands of learning that being future ready require of today’s students. DPS Jalandhar has more than 2,00,000 sq. ft. of open space. The school follows a green approach and hence, incorporates a clean, integrated habitat design that is in harmony with its green surroundings and aids learning. Adequate thought has been given to best use natural resources in the form of natural light and placement of the building to help it stay pleasant throughout the year and in every season. Following the principle of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, the school keeps the school sparkling and instills in its students a natural inclination to keep their surroundings clean. Easy to access on the GT Road, DPS Jalandhar is away from the pollution of the main city, on the outskirts, while still being within easy reach.

Computer Lab

Kids as young as a few months handle smart phones with ease that can put grownups to shame. They are naturals at handling technology and it is imperative that they be shown the right way to navigate their way through the increasingly high-tech world. Our state-of-the-art computer labs are equipped to satiate the growing thirst of the kids and put them in a position of advantage when it comes to dealing with technology. In a stimulating and fun environment that integrates education with technology, they are taught to face the digital world with ease and confidence. It is a place where big ideas are born and nurtured.

Activity & Science Lab

DPS Jalandhar recognises the fact that no amount of textbook education can instill a sense of aesthetics, compassion, respect, sharing and practical skills. It is only through art, craft, music, dance and language and science labs that kids can be sensitised towards the finer things in life and gain practical experience. It is here that they work together as teams, discover their natural talent, feel proud of their unique abilities and have fun learning new skills. It is here that they are performers who are not being judged, but appreciated for being who they are.

Robotics Lab

A branch of Engineering and Computer Science that deals with design, construction, operation and application of robotics, as well as computer systems for control, sensory feedback and information processing. We have Robotics Lab for Kids of Grade 4 to Grade 9 so that they get an opportunity to explore the high tech world. Children in California learn to go one room at a time, how to build office furniture and program robots with i-pitara and different softwares starting with simple robots like cranes, simple machines to lift heavy loads, rope way etc. These children grow up to be able to make programmed robots like autonomous car, a car programmed to round a curve at a particular angle, obstacle detectors, hedge detectors, etc. For kids, robotics class is a highlight of their week.

Awards & Recognitions

The Student Council is a representative body of children in school who use their voice for the good of the children appropriately and responsibly. Children get the first taste of leadership working as council members consisting of Head Boy & Head Girl, Sports Captains, Cultural Captains & Literary Captains. The Four Houses Carnations, Daffodils, Orchids and Lavenders form the core group. The Investiture Ceremony is a big day when after proving their mettle children take the oath of office.

Scholar Badges & Scholarships


In keeping with the ethos of DPS, every year the school celebrates the achievements of the students in a special Scholar Badge Ceremony.

• The high achievers from classes IV to XII are awarded Scholar Badges as recognition of their outstanding academic merit and excellence.

 The children of XI or XII who have been consecutive scholar badge holders for last seven years are given Maroon Blazers.

• Six consecutive years of holding a scholar badge are recognised with Red Pips on their shirt.

• A scholarship is awarded in the fifth year of continuously being a scholar badge holder.

• The third consecutive year of the scholar badge gets the child the blue blazer.

• A Scholarship is given to students of class X for scoring a perfect 10 CGPA.

• The toppers of class XI scoring 90% and above gets Scholarship.