DPS holds the vision of imparting a world class educational experience to the students by making continuous transformations as the new normal; by making commitment to ever ideal goal of being a good school (guarantee of overall development of every student) come true by 2025 and eventually be the site of the best learning practices for the stake holders.


The mission of our institution is to enlighten our students; empowering them with high standards of scholastic and co-scholastic excellence; to lead the nurturance of the next decade knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in them to ensure their self-actualization and thereby becoming living examples of our motto “Service Before Self”.

School Motto

‘Service Before Self’

A motto is a vivid reflection of the mettle that goes into the making of an
institution or an organization. Our motto is a constant reminder that we should
serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. We should not expect anything in
return for our service because there is a greater pleasure in giving than in
receiving. We believe ion the saying, ‘Thy need is greater than mine’.

Our Team

Awards and Achievements

DPS Philosophy

We believe in giving wings to our children and for this we are consistently in pursuit of creating a happy child who looks forward to come to school, to read, to play, to dance, to sing and in reality to learn. Our guiding philosophy is: We nurture young minds by providing sound teaching foundation- our ultimate aim is NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.To supplement this honest attempt, the team believes and follows a calibrated path for each and every student which virtually transcends into a finite trajectory with the right momentum. The Team DPS Jalandhar attempts to help the children evolve into sensitive and aware citizens of the world who not only tread on the footprints of our glorious ancestors but also carve a niche for themselves. The difference is evident not only in the process but more so in the end state as they become effective contributors of the society.

DPS Society