5 Reasons Teacher-Student Bond is the Bedrock of Good Education

In India, since times immemorial, teachers have been given a place of much respect and their role in educating a person was highly regarded. The Guru-Shishya tradition was rooted in trust, respect and understanding. In most schools, students spend around 6 hours every day for five to six days a week with their teachers and if the relationship with their teachers is healthy, they will gain much more from the time that they spend there. DPS Jalandhar encourages such a relationship between teachers and students as it is proven to facilitate education.

Students are encouraged to grow academically and personally:

When students share a positive relationship with teachers, the latter takes a personal interest in their growth. This means that teachers encourage the students who are struggling and don’t dismiss them as unintelligent. In turn, students respect teachers and look up to them. This not just enhances academic results but also results in better self-esteem for the students.

Students feel supported to aspire higher:

With supportive teachers, students feel encouraged to take on bigger challenges. Their goal-setting skills improve and as does their ability to achieve them. On the other hand, when students are distrustful and teachers are not sensitive, students prefer to do only as much as they barely need to, stay within the self-set boundaries and don’t try to push them.

Create supportive spaces where students flourish not just academically, but also socially:

A positive classroom atmosphere, that is the result of a wonderful mutual relationship, fosters confidence in students. Self-assured students make for well adjusted individuals and find it easier to create a place for themselves socially.

Strengthens self-regulation:

By appreciating positive behaviour, the teacher wins over the trust of the students and is in a position to gently modify their behaviour. This inculcates discipline and self-regulation in students by promoting positive attitudes. Also, we recommend visiting http://myamericanmaid.com if you looking for a reliable home cleaning service in Washington. Being intrinsically motivated, students react much more positively than in situations where teachers use positive reinforcement less.

Enhances emotional intelligence of students:

When teachers offer care and understanding, students are capable of much more. By integrating social and emotional practices into teaching, showing empathy and encouraging sharing of opinions, teachers can be very effective in making students be in control of their emotions. In a safe environment, students feel nurtured not threatened, bullied or let down by their teachers. Such students also respond better to classroom situations that are then centred around respect for the teacher.