Sports & Extracurricular

Grooming true sportsman spirits

If you’ve never been a sportsman, you can never truly be a gentleman!

DPS Jalandhar has evolved with the times and offers sports that are in keeping with the interests of the students. It is one of the few schools with a mini golf course range on its campus.

We make sure that the children are never short of something they enjoy. There is a swimming pool for the students and a splash pool for the pre-primary section. Students can hone their skills on a cricket pitch, at the football ground and at a variety of indoor games. Children are given hands-on training for lawn tennis, Table-Tennis, Taekwondo and Gymnastics. Basketball is a sport where our players have done us proud. Our children have played at District and State levels and have also attended National camps.

The school runs separate Sports Academies for Swimming, Lawn Tennis and Cricket. Each sport has competent coach/coaches to ensure professional and specialised training to the aspiring sports stars.






The House system

The school has a House System under which there are four houses – Daffodils, Carnations, Orchids and Lavenders, with each student being allotted a house. It introduces them to the importance of working together to achieve common goals and keeps the spirit of fair competition alive. The houses regularly compete for different things ranging from Cultural Programmes, Discipline, Showcasing a theme through a bulletin board and more. The Captains and Prefects make sure everyone in the house pitches in to win the Principal’s Cup at the end of each academic session.

Apart from the house system, class wise activities are also organised such as pool parties, fancy dress competitions, slogan writing, poster making, etc. These activities keep children busy in a constructive manner.