Pre-Primary School

Nurturing the future, with love and care!The Pre-Primary is the heart of our school. It is important that the child enjoys the little things in life, for one day, he’ll look back and realize that they were in fact the biggest stepping stones.As tiny tots step out of their homes and step into DPS Jalandhar, our first concern is to provide an atmosphere that is safe and welcoming. The school integrates learning with play and fun activities that make understanding a natural extension of indoor and outdoor activities.We follow ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) system for the overall development of the child. The play way methods leave a long-term impact on the child’s mind.  The Pre-Primary curriculum consists of Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Life Skills. The emphasis is laid on variety of activities involving different motor and sensory skills, so that they are exposed to varied experiences right from the start. They play football, taekwondo, cricket, they roller skate, do yoga and attend adventure camps that build a strong foundation enabling them to walk smartly up to the first grade after attending a formal graduation ceremony.We make an effort to involve parents as a part of the team through orientations and interactions, and help them see the world through the eyes of the child.


Primary School

Nurturing Talent Promoting Excellence .As the child initiates his journey in Primary School, he feels very excited, so do the parents. At DPS, we assure you that your child is not alone.  Like the wind that guides the sail, our teachers help the child to acquire confidence to take on the world through love, care and knowledge.At the Primary level, the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects, and study material which is suitably graded in accordance with the CBSE curriculum .We follow activity based teaching which encourages interactive classrooms that fosters students’ academic and social growth.The teaching of all the subjects is done using Smart Boards which makes learning a joyful experience. The pre-reading concept of the ‘Good School System’ is adopted from class III. It makes the teacher-student discussion more productive. Regular Inter-class and Intra-class competitions, individual and group activities, and theme based assemblies are held, encouraging hundred percent participation of students.

Middle School

Inspiring dreams, empowering with Skilful means!To the child of the middle school it’s a world of wonder, much like Alice’s in “Alice in the Wonderland”. There is adventure in the form of performing practicals in the laboratories, dabbling in the art forms, dance, music and serious sporting. The class competitions become the House Competitions. The child learns the art of when to let go and when to hold on.The horizon broadens and the child takes the first plunge in Inter-school Sahodaya and Inter DPS competitions representing the school. It’s in this period that the child identifies his/her strength and so does the teacher. To motivate the child to try on his/her strength despite failures is a continuous challenge willingly undertaken by the DPS teachers.With a bit more intensive curriculum, the child in now encouraged to understand concepts well, as they form the foundation of future learning. Stress is laid on a different approach towards reading. Stories are not read out loud or silently like any normal English class, rather they are discussed. The child is to read from home and come to class. The interactive discussion that follows turns the lessons into a relaxing post leisure reading activity with emphasis on comprehension and articulation. The assessment is based on comprehension. Additional reading is assigned for holidays on regular intervals.

Senior School

Gearing up for a healthy competition The child centric approach at DPS Jalandhar takes on a new definition, with the teachers motivating to work harder and dream bigger. There is nothing stopping them from boldly going where no one has gone before.The facilities of laboratories and library is supplemented by notes and assignments. It’s the child’s dream that becomes the school’s dream and we work towards that. There are budding sports stars, doctors engineers, managers, architects, dress designers and even actors and directors the school takes pride innurturing.Intensive preparations are done to make the students ready for higher education, sensitising them to their preferences in various streams through counselling, helping them ace their strengths and work on their weaknesses to bring them to a desired level; along with continued stress on arts, music, sports and intrinsic values.The school counsellor takes personal and group counselling sessions to handle stress and runs specific career counselling sessions with experts at regular intervals.

Academic Calendar

                                                                                                            Weekly Test

Class/CycleCycle 1Cycle 2Cycle 3Cycle 4
I to V26th April ’19-24th May ’1919th July ’19-16th August ’191st November ’19-22nd November ’1913th December ’19-31st January ’20
VI to VIII 26th April ’19-24th May ’1912th July ’19-23rd August ’1925th October ’19 – 22nd November ’196th December ’19-31st January ’20
IX26th April ’19-24th May ’1912th July ’19-23rd August ’1925th October ’19 – 22nd November ’196th December ’19-24th January ’20
X8th April ’19 – 10th May ’1917th May ’19 – 2nd August ’19  
XI12th July ’19 – 23rd August ’1921st October ’19 – 25th November ’196th December ’19-27th January ’20
XII8th April ’19 – 13th May ’1917th May ’19 – 5th August ’19  

                                                                                                        Exam Schedule

Class/ExaminationHalf YearlyPre Board IPre Board IIAnnual Exam
IV & V9th September ’19 – 17th September ’19  2nd March ’20 – 14th March ’20
VI to VIII 9th September ’19 – 20th September ’19  2nd March ’20 – 14th March ’20
IX9th September ’19 – 20th September ’19  10th February 2020 – 20th February 2020
X12th August ’19 – 26th August ’1916th November ’19 – 28th November ’1924th December ’19 – 18th January 2020 
XI9th September ’19 – 30th September ’19  4th February 2020 – 27th February 2020
XII12th August ’19 – 28th August ’1916th November ’19 – 2nd December ’1924th December ’19 – 18th January 2020